Sunday, 21 January 2018

Little gifts

My New Zealand friend asked if I could make her a new bag for her to house plastic carrier bags.
Made it this afternoon using some Amy Butler fabric.  It's fully lined with a proper casing so it should be sturdy.  Based it on the Pink Penguin Drawstring bag tutorial.

Yesterday I made 2 x 10.5" square QAYG string blocks for Jan in Australia.
See her blog Sew Many quilts too little time
to find out what marvellous work she does making countless charity quilts, many of them from donated QAYG blocks.  She uses 2 sizes of blocks: 10.5" and 12.5".  I hope to make a few more in the next couple of weeks. Trying to use "man coloured strings" as I know she is always looking for blocks suitable for men's quilts.

Off to cut some small scraps up into 2.5" and 1.5" squares for my stash.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

First quilt finish of 2018

I had been asked to make a commission quilt back in August last year for a baby due in January.
I had made the top but was waiting for baby to be born and named so I could applique her name on the front and quilt it. Baby Ebony was born on 5th January and I worked hard on the quilt, finishing it on Thursday evening ready to hand over to Ebony's Aunty Jo who had asked me to make it. I did that yesterday and was thrilled at Jo's utter delight when she unfolded the quilt.  It's odd how nervous I am when I make a quilt to order - I'm always unsure of my colour and fabric choices when I am trying to follow the customer's requirements. Jo had asked for grey to be included and for it not to be "too pink and girly". I was pleased with the finished quilt and just hoped Jo would be too. Icing on the cake for me when I saw her obvious delight.  Phew!!

Here it is:

Ebony's Quilt entitled ( at Jo's request) "Miracle".

And close ups of the appliqued name panel:

I used the grey border fabric for the backing and binding too.
I hadn't made Tumblers before and really loved them and will make baby quilts with them again.  I liked hand quilting with Perle around the inside of each Tumbler.
The quilt finished at 38" x32".

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sunshine Guild Lotto blocks

I read about Lotto blocks on Cathy's blog (Sane, Crazy, Crumby quilting) and signed up to make some for the sunshineonlinequiltyguild.

This month they're asking for 12.5" blocks using blue and yellow fabrics.
You make matching pairs, one to be used in a charity quilt, the other going into a pile of Lotto blocks, name drawn for the winner of those blocks.

I have made 3 pairs:

Log cabin style

Chinese Coin style, two pairs

 And one extra

I have used quite a few scraps and chunks for these blocks which I enjoyed making.
Linking up with Angela's So Scrappy Blog.

Posting the blocks to the USA tomorrow.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Spot the Difference

Most weeks my GD and I do the Spot the Difference puzzle in our Saturday newspaper. With all this practise you would think I would be quick to spot mistakes.................. not so yesterday afternoon when I included the 4 blocks I had made for the Californian fire victims' Block Drive in my NYE post.

Later in the evening I looked at the photo I had put onto my flickr page and immediately spotted the mistake.  Amazing how a camera helps to focus your eyes.

So, spot the difference:

Yesterday's block
( Sorry the picture has turned itself around  - use the watering can to help orientate yourself)

Today's block    
And now all four with the HST sewn in the right way

Much better! I'm so pleased I spotted my error before I mailed the blocks to the USA.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 finishes & plans for 2018

New Year's Eve! Goodness how has 2017 disappeared so fast?

I have managed to finish another quilt ( a UFO from moons ago) so I am delighted with that.

It measures 30" x 40" so ideal as a baby's Play Quilt. Going into my stash for gifting in the future.
I ditch stitched the quilt using my new ditch-stitcher foot and it worked quite well, better than doing it with the normal foot anyway.  I hand quilted around 4 patches in the square in a square border blocks and they stand out nicely.

This brings my 2017 total of finished quilts to 8, very small total compared to last year's 20.
5 of those 8 have already been gifted. I haven't finished many quilts but I have also made 2 flimsies, one using a pile of UFO blocks, the other using a lot of my stash of Crumb blocks.

I made lots of little gifts this year: little drawstring bags, baby knitting, crochet baby blanket etc.

I have also made a lot of blocks using ideas gleaned from the RSC 2017 posts.  As a result I have enough 5" String blocks to make a quilt and several packets of other blocks which I intend to add to during the RSC2018 campaign.

Although I live in the UK I have been reading about the shocking fires in California. We have friends of friends in that area, fortunately, although the fires came close to their home, it was safe. Other connections were an Exhibition created by our NZ friends which was being held in the same area.  Again, thankfully it was OK.  So with this in mind when I spotted Carole from My Caroline Home blog requesting blocks to make quilts for victims of the fires I set to this afternoon and have made 4 to post after New Year.

This is the block suggested by the Ventura Quilt Guild.
So, plans for 2018:
* Finally finish a bright Spider Web quilt that is 95% finished- on my 2017 list too!
* Make quilts from my 2 flimsies
* Make the RSC String blocks into a quilt
*Continue with Roman Stripe blocks, 4 patches from 1.5" fabric squares,49 patch blocks, Twinkler
  blocks, bow tie blocks, Cake Stand blocks
* Make the small 4 patches into square in a square blocks (like the Mr Scarecrow borders)
* Continue making Happy blocks to use up my Cute cats fabric patches.
* Make a baby quilt for one of my daughter's friends

First job is to turn a baby flimsy into a quilt.  I am waiting for baby to be born so I can applique the name, baste and hand quilt it.

So, plenty to do.

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
See you next year!

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Finished ! A Rainbow of Twinkling Stars

Just before the end of the year I have finished the scrap quilt made using Cathy's Twinkler Star blocks idea and that I made over around nine months as part of the RSC on Angela's So Scrappy Blog.

I have renamed it A Rainbow of Twinkling Stars
The quilt is machine quilted with a double row of Perle hand quilting around each star.
It measure 53" squares and is completely made from scraps and pieces of fabric from my stash.
I had thought this would be  a Donation Quilt but I'm afraid I can't part with it, I love it!
I have two other flimsies that will be donated and they will be finished in the New Year.
I am joining up with RSC 2017, this is the first Rainbow Scraps Challenge quilt I have ever done.
Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2018.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Patchwork Christmas break up

On Thursday we had a lovely Christmas Patchwork, our last until 2018!  Doesn't that sound weird?

We presented our friend John with the quilt our group made him.  He was thrilled, very touched that we had made it especially for him.

His dear little dog Kimmy who has just been diagnosed with diabetes so she is having to be injected twice a day.  Apparently she is a very good girl and takes it all in her stride.

4 lavender bags I made this afternoon for our daughter.  She loves hanging them in her cupboards and had said a couple had lost their smell.  Now wrapped up ready to go under their Christmas tree!