Sunday, 20 May 2018

RSC A little more pink

I made 3 more 9 Patch blocks for the Sunshine Guild's May Lotto Blocks. featuring pink fabrics so I could link them with Angela's So Scrappy RSC blog post.
I also managed to make another 49 Patch pink block using 1.5" squares and another Roman Stripe block, again using 1.5" pink squares.


Here are the 8 blocks I hope to send to Tammy for my May Lotto blocks. I need to weigh them as I now have the necessary information about postage charges from my local Post Office.

Monday, 14 May 2018

RSC Hints of pink

The colour for this month's RSC is Pink, a colour I love and use a lot as I make lots of baby quilts.
The request for this month's Sunshine Guild Lotto blocks is Nine Patches - of any type: Stars, Churn Dash etc.
I had a few tiny pink scraps so made a few Crumb blocks which I paired with blue homespun to make a regular Nine Patch. I found an already-made Crumb block which had a lot of pink in it so used that for the centre of another regular Nine Patch adding to some purple Crumb blocks.
A charm square of a strawberry fabric made the centre of a Churn Dash block.

The Guild member who collects our Lotto blocks is called Tammy and she frequently puts photos on her Flickr page of both the Lotto blocks she has received and also Sunshine Quilts she has made from gifted blocks. I recently noticed a block design that was new to me (I have no idea what it is called) and as it met the Nine Patch criteria I decided to try it out in the blocks you see on the bottom left and right of the photo. It reminds me of a nut - as in "nut and bolt" and I like it. If you know the proper name for the block please let me know!

I will probably make a few more blocks for this month's Lotto blocks but I'm going to see how many I can post to maximize the postage rates to the USA. Our local Post Office lady is very helpful that way. Postage now is so expensive I would rather make the most of the weight I can use.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Lotto Blocks from USA


We arrived home from our long trip on Monday evening. A huge pile of mail was waiting for us, including a parcel of 20 Sunshine Guild Lotto blocks. Tammy, the Guild's  organiser had emailed me to expect them. I shall have fun sewing these up, I think they will make two quilts.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Teddy Bear quilt

I have had this Teddy Bear panel in my stash for years - can't even remember where it came from. 
So, it was time to make it into a Premature baby quilt.

Measures 17" x 23", just the size the local Maternity Hospital requests.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Sunshine Guild April blocks

I have made 4 blocks for the Sunshine Guild's April Lotto draw. The theme was "Boyish".

Hence  the dinosaurs, sheep and little elephants.
I really enjoy making these sets of blocks, nice to have a theme or colour requirement.

                               They will be posted to Tammy the next time I'm in town.

The Magic of Scraps

My lovely blog friend, Jo Butterfield sent me some scraps , some were already sewn into HSTs, all different. I trimmed them all and then cut them across diagonally. I paired them again to make Hourglass units. I worked out I needed 35 of these units so I could make a quilt top, setting them
5 x 7.

I picked  35 units I thought would suit a girl's Premature baby quilt. Then I sewed them up and added a pink spotted fabric border. At that point I ran out of suitable scraps in my stash so had to go shopping for backing and border fabric. I found a lovely pink fabric with a small white spot which nicely complemented the border fabric.


Then I chose Hourglass units that I thought would be more suitable for a boy's quilt and put a border around them using a new blue (with small white and navy spots)fabric I bought especially on the same shopping expedition and used that for the backing and binding.


Here they are, side by side. Both measure 23" x 19", just under the maximum size preferred by the hospital.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Strings and Squares

I am finishing off sewing, ready to pack up here in NZ before we fly off on the next part of our trip. 
I managed to make 8 x 10.5" QAYG String blocks for Jan: the ones on the left in more feminine colours, the ones on the right more masculine.

Here are the last 8 crochet Granny squares. I have literally used up every bit of yarn I have here.
I did enjoy popping into the three Charity shops we have in town looking for odds and ends of yarn.
Using all the lovely bright colours, set off against some duller navy, brown and gold colours has been great. Rather like playing with a paint box when I was a little girl. Such fun!

We are shortly going into town so I can mail these to Australia.
Happy sewing and crocheting everyone!,